d i s k m a g v p

to whom it may concern

? ? ?

where I am ?


welcome to my virtual outpost, stranger,
currently it's still under construction,
but you can stay here for a bit and I'll tell you more


Here I plan to store and share with my guests all the info that looks interesting / useful for me.

And also, maybe, my thoughts, opinions, etc.,
that means - part of this website may mutate into some form of blog in future, w/ short or long notes about everything.

More details about this place, like:

  • reasons of why "diskmag VP" exists
  • goals
  • how website is created and maintained
  • . . .
you can read in about


guess it's time for a brief

About me

General info:

20 y.o.

Been born and live in Ukraine

I know ukrainian, russian, english and now studying estonian, so if at some point we'll go to talk - feel free to use any of this languages.


From what I can say for sure:

mostly everything related to computers and IT in general,

besides this - basically anything that I can do without leaving my flat,

listening and searching for music, seeking for new topics to learn/read about, books, films, etc.


Self-taught web-developer, currently I work on fullstack dev position.