d i s k m a g v p

to whom it may concern


Glad to see you,
sit back and relax,
I will try to tell everything, or at least something, about this place

Page still under development.

Later I'll add here few new sections and links to more detailed info about

  • software I use
  • my hardware
  • how this site is created

About "diskmag VP"

Before we start, please keep in mind that english are not very similar to my native language and I'm self-taught, so the text below may produce severe pain if you too sensitive to grammar / bad narration / etc.

This place, like a lot of other, exists by some reasons, obviously.

Let's start with addition to what said on main page.

Information storing and its consequences for me

>TL;DR my social skills sucks and I want to speak without speaking

From early childhood I like to gain and spread information about literally everything can be found in books available at home or, later, at the Internet.

With time, when my interests/hobbies shaped and became non-interesting to my friends, I started my way of seeking other people to share with.

Over the past 2-3 years I've tried few possible forms of commnunication with an unspecified second person in dialog :

  • Imageboards

    Good, but not exactly what I need

  • Telegram channel

    Something similar to simple one-page blog / primitive personal website,
    but, once again - not what I need, because chances of being found by people very low,
    especially when I'm not active participant of any communities

Then when I started attempts at using GNU/Linux I became more interested in the topics that relate to it, directly or not.

And discovered that personal websites still a thing, even if not for many people ( in comparison to social media as example )

So, I guess it's the most appropriate solution for now.

And it's how "diskmag VP" been created.

For what this all

This is an extension of the "goals" list item in the >TL;DR box on homepage.

I'll divide goals into personal and "public"


>TL;DR I just want more /comfy/ and independent internet places

Here I don't know what to say, because there is no specific public goals, besides the try to provide some useful info.

But anyway, I hope that the more independent websites we have - the more people one day started to get back from social networks or other big platforms to personal spaces.

And because I can participate at this - I'll do.


  • Improve my website building skills

    From self-hosting (in future) to such a small things as "CSS tricks" or discovering not wide spread HTML tags.

    Even despite working as web-developer I can't get all this experience at work, cause I forced to use "modern" technologies for it, such React/etc.

    So this place is my self-build cabin in virtual forest, part of ancestors experience, part of what I know from modern world.

  • I want to free my head from unnecessary toughts without sharing them to somebody at person

  • I want to become better at explaining something and information structuring

  • English

    The more I use it - the better I know.